Dienstag, 7. April 2009

Want a TV for free?

Want a TV for free? Yes?

Then maybe you should move to the Chinese countryside:

According to today's FTD, China is now subsidising TV purchases with 3500 RMB (380 €). Only rural residents are eligible.

Don't know what a TV set costs in China, but I'm pretty sure you can get a pretty decent one for less than 380 €.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, maybe that's because it isn't actually true:

According to China Daily, China is in fact paying a 13 % subsidy up to a maximum purchase price of 3500 RMB (increased from an earlier cap of 2000 RMB). The scheme also extends to other kinds of "household appliances".

Dear FTD, there is a slight difference between 3500 RMB and 13 % of 3500 RMB, wouldn't you agree?

Edit: On April 8, the FTD is running another, much longer article, repeating the same statement. Unfortunately, repeating wrong information doesn't make it true.

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