Freitag, 3. April 2009

Exodus from Ireland

According to a recent poll, 1/3 of Ireland's 200,000 Polish residents plans to leave over the next 12 months.

Many of the 10,000+ Germans are also sitting on packed suitcases, trying to find jobs back home in Germany or elsewhere.

And 1/2 of the students at a Dublin university plan to go abroad after graduation, preferably to Canada, the US or Australia. Applications for work visas have been rising considerably.

Though I'm a bit doubtful regarding the Irish themselves: Foreigners losing their jobs have a natural tendency to head back home. But the Irish are already home, and job prospects elsewhere aren't that much better.

(Sources: Forbes LA Times FTD )

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  1. It is a litle bit more complicated.
    The foreign workers are usualy stand alone guys (gals) without family,and the mayor target for them is to make money and live a good life.
    Wtihout job, the only one that they have is an expensive country, with sky-high renting fees.
    So,they felld with the savings that they have ,and they leave after them a strugling property market.

    you can see it in london, due to the polish guys you was able to rent out a room for several hundred phoun per month.
    Now, it is changing,and you are able to get a property cheaper than before.