Freitag, 3. April 2009

China's Stock Market

Year to date, PRC stock markets have rallied: Shanghai is up 33 %, and Shenzhen 45 %.

(For comparison: Taiwan is up 20 %. Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore are flat, and most European and American indices are down 5-10 %.)

From the low point in October 2008, the rally is even more impressive: Shanghai is up 42 %, Shenzhen 78 %.

On the other hand: Compared to early 2008, both indices are still down by more than half.

Fundamental reasons? I'm not even trying to have an opinion. And I don't think PRC investors base their decisions on fundamental assessments. Who needs to go to Macao or Vegas, when it's so much easier to gamble on the stock-market instead?

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