Dienstag, 7. April 2009

So many ways to lose your money...

Over the last few years, many Germans put money into Schiffsbeteiligungen (closed funds investing in commercial vessels).

Considering the horrible state of the commercial shipping market, most of them are probably regretting it by now.

But hey, good news: According to the FTD, 22.1 % of the invested funds are not exposed to the shipping market at all.

Why? Because 22.1 % is the average proportion of so-called "soft costs" (expenses for distribution, marketing and administration).

Isn't that a relief: Investors only have 78 % of their money to worry about, because the other 22 % are anyway gone...

(For comparison: Closed real estate funds have average soft costs of 18.3 % if they invest abroad, or 15.6 % if they invest domestically)

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