Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2009

Reader Notice

As you may have noticed, posts have been a bit thin lately.

It's a combination of being somewhat busy, feeling that the topics are starting to become a bit repetitive, and generally being somewhat low on motivation.

Will start posting again in a little while.


  1. I guess we're all in need of a summer break. :-)
    Looking forward to reading more from you later on, Thomas!

  2. We are still waiting for your comeback :-)

    Thomas, if you don't want to run your own blog anymore, as it is a lot of work, you can also get access to my blog and write whenever you like.

  3. Thanks for the offer, Ketzerisch! Maybe I'll take you up on it in a while, when I have my blogging motivation back... :-)

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  6. Moin. Hast einen neuen Blog woanders? Alles Gute, 40stunden.