Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2009

Arcandor Tidbits

My hairdresser is on the third floor (Ground+2) of a Munich Karstadt. When I went there today around lunchtime, there was not a single customer anywhere in all of the third floor (apart from a few people in the hairdressing salon). There were quite a number of customers downstairs, but apparently nobody found it worthwhile to venture upstairs. And there are two more floors above the third floor...

As for Quelle, the FTD reports today that DHL sent out 160 million parcels for Arcandor's mail-order subsidiaries in 2008. That equals 4 parcels for every German household. Considering that I hardly know anybody who ever orders there, it seems that their hardcore customer base orders at least 1 parcel per month. Impressive, isn't it? Apparently, a massive 1/4 of DHL's revenue from commercial parcels is with Arcandor.

If Quelle really shuts down, it will be interesting to see where all these customers migrate to. Otto? Internet retail? Classical retail? 8 bn € of revenues is quite a big pie... As for DHL/Deutsche Post: It's not exactly good news for them, I'd say.

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  1. I wouldn't equate one parcel with one sold item. Many people that I know from my parents' generation order actually cloths from Quelle. They send regularly back half of the parcels or even more, if they don't like the model or it does not fit. As Quelle pays the return as well, it can be easily only one sold item on three parcels.