Samstag, 2. Mai 2009

Anybody out there?

I activated Google Analytics last week-end to see who is reading this blog. Here's a summary of visitor activity over the last 7 days:

- Average number of daily visitors was 60 (with a high of 90 last Saturday).

- On average, these visitors accessed 140 blog pages per day (i.e. clicked on 1.3 additional pages after reading the page they initially had accessed).

- 63 % are from Germany, followed by UK (12 %), US (7%), Canada (3%), Switzerland (2 %), Austria (2 %), Australia (2 %) and China (2 %).

- Over the week, there were visitors from 24 countries (14 European countries, 6 in Asia, 3 in the Americas, and Australia).

- 80 % of visitors came from other websites, the most prominent of which were Weissgarnix (18 %), Das gelbe Forum (10 %), FAZ (9 %), Bomlat (9 %), Blogger (8 %), Forum GlobalHousePriceCrash (6 %) and Michael Pettis (4 %). I must admit that up to now, I have never heard of "Das gelbe Forum" and "Forum GlobalHousePriceCrash".

- Other source websites with less than 10 incoming visitors each (in order of importance): Egghat, Verlorene Generation, BlickLog, Credit Writedowns, Immobilienblasen, Brad Setser, Die Zeit, Börsennotizbuch, INSM-Ökonomenblog, Toytown Germany.

- 17 % came directly to the website, and 3 % came via Google Search.

- 55 % were first-time visitors, 45 % had visited the blog before.

Oh, and another statistics not related to Google Analytics: So far, there have been a total of 98 reader comments (this number includes my responses to some of the comments; the number of "external comments" is probably around 80). Comments were infrequent initially, but started to pick up in April. Highest number of comments on one single post has been 10.


  1. Hi

    I came from GHPC. You probably got an influx of visitors from there because somebody posted a link to your blog.

    I also added it to my list of feeds:

  2. It could be good if you put the RSS links for your comments too.
    I mean there is a RSS feed gadget in the toolbox,just put it to the right.

  3. @Bomlat,

    I'm not quite sure what you are referring to. "RSS Feed" is enabled, so it should work already. Or you mean something else?

  4. I added a "subscribe"-functionality from the gadget toolbox (it's on top of my blogroll now). Not sure how it works, because I don't use blog subscriptions myself, but I gather this is probably what you were referring to.

  5. Yes,this is that.
    By this way you could add
    to any RSS reader,including the iGoogle

  6. even you could put it into the right of your blog,and by this way anyone could see the latest comments when enetring your blog.

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