Mittwoch, 25. März 2009

Japan's Foreign Trade

Oh my, this is really bad:

Japan's provisional Feb figures are out, and they show that exports have plunged 49 % yoy, with imports down 43 %. In Jan, exports had already dropped 46 %.

Exports to the US were down 58 %, to China 40 %, to Hong Kong 46 %, to Taiwan 52 %, to Western Europe 53 %, to Russia 84 %.

Exports to nearly every single trading partner are down 40 % or more (one exception: exports to Switzerland have increased slightly, probably due to a big ticket delivery).

Every category of goods was down sharply, with cars leading the decline (-73 %).

With true Japanese love for detail, the customs office gives an amazing breakdown, right down to product category by main destination. Raw data to be found here:

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