Donnerstag, 4. Juni 2009

China's Electricity Output

I just love the way Chinese bureaucrats phrase their data releases:

"China's power output shipped via major grid networks fell around 3.5 percent in May, narrowing from a 3.55 percent decline in April, according to data from the State Grid Distribution Center. Reasons for the decline are unclear. "

Yes, it's technically correct to say that the drop in power output "narrowed". But wouldn't it be more sensible to say that the decline in May was basically the same as the decline in April?

(Quoted from Caijing, an excellent source for China economic/business news)

A good background discussion of this topic on China Stakes.
(Link picked up via Naked Capitalism.)


  1. Don't be so sarcastic! Better be positive and help with the noble task of constructing a harmonious society!

    If you keep writing that way, your blog will soon be blocked in China!

  2. I believe it has already been blocked for quiet a while, along with all the rest of Blogger and various other Blog platforms.

    As it's probably due to a certain non-harmonious date that just came and went, I assume that it will be de-blocked in a little while.

    (In terms of statistics: I used to have 10-20 blog visits from China per week, but for the last two weeks, there have been none whatsoever.)